Short Street - Activities

Summer Camp
Summer Camp was held  during the summer vacation (from 18th -25th May 2013).
Children enjoyed non-fire cooking, art and craft, singing, storytelling, nature walk, and yoga.
The last day of the camp a party was organized where they had games to play and tasty food to eat.
Connecting with a school in U.K
In March 2013 Mongrace children connected with a partner school, England Jane Kin Lane School in U.K. They received a parcel from the U.K partner School. Children got together in a classroom and waited with great excitement to open the parcel sent by their international friends.
A world map was hung on the wall and children were shown the route from India to England. They learnt the name of their partner school and were excited to know that they have children of their age in a school in UK and whom they can call their E pals.
The parcel contained cards printed with different coloured fingerprints of children.

Next to each fingerprint name of the child was written.  Some cards had beautiful drawings done by the children. The parcel also contained palm crosses, Easter Activity Book, Chicks decoration, Window gel stickers...all this made children really happy.
Later a display board was made with all the material that they received.

Annual Exhibition
It is with great excitement that we at Mongrace Montessori House, Short Street hosted the Annual Exhibition on 14th & 15th January, 2012.

The visitors took a ride on "The Entertainment Express", stopping at "The Food Station", "Summer, Story, Rhymes, Cartoon, Zoo, Games, Picnic, Carnival and Learning is Fun stations. The layout of the visual elements was extremely inviting and it led visitors on a tour along two trails: one was display of Montessori Materials and the other, exhibits of the different projects.

The Montessori Materials and use of apparatus was patiently explained and presented by the teachers to the general public, parents, teachers and students from Montessori schools. The exhibition was enriched with the presence of our Chairperson Ms. S. Ghosh, the Kolkata Sheriff, Dr. Indrajit Roy, Ms. Bulbul Roy, Honorary Joint Secretary of the Academy of Fine Arts, Ms. Runu Ghosh, Joint Secretary of the West Bengal Housing Department, Dr. Maitri Das, Principal of Hartley School and many other Principals and Educationists.

The universality of Dr. Montessori's message was felt at every angle of the exhibit. The visitors felt that the exhibit was very joyful and they were proud to be Montessori teachers or parents. Some felt that they now have a broader understanding of Montessori as a way of life, where it can go and how it can lead. The parents were very happy to know how their children were being taught at school. The teachers explained and demonstrated how they use the apparatus for teaching. Some new innovative methods were also pointed out by them. Mini book fair was an added attraction this year.

The congratulatory messages in the Visitors' books revealing appreciation, gratitude and happiness served to encourage and motivate us all. Parents were "positively amazed to see the fun filled activities, projects and the hospitality." They were convinced that their children have got the "best sculptors".

Through presentations and display of Montessori apparatus and teaching aids parents happy were to realize that the teachers at our Montessori House , were dedicated to their commitment of the education of the whole child.