Short Street - Activities

Curious Creative
Curious Creative
Story Land November, 2022

Events in our School Calendar 2021 - 2022
  • Summer Camp (May)
  • Intraschool Football fest (July)
  • Independence Day celebrations:Marching to a patriotic beat (August)
  • Teachers’Day Celebrations (September)
  • Celebrating Grandparents Day witha musical morning forGrandparents (September)
  • Literary Fest- STORYLAND (November)
• Children’s Day: Treasure hunt on Treasure Island with Captain Flint and Jim Hawkins
• Christmas Carol Evening with Annual Fund Raising on Thanksgiving (an event to help theunderprivileged children of artisans of Bengal)
• Montessori and Art Exhibition 
• Sports
• Nabanna Earth Weekend
• Graduation Ceremony