About Us - Santiniketan

From Dr. Montessori's own hand book

Mongrace Montessori House and Daycare , Santiniketan
A unit of Suresh Amiya Memorial Trust

Mongrace Montessori House, Phuldanga, Santiniketan

A new unit of the reputed Mongrace Montessori Houseopens in Phuldanga, Santiniketan to offer quality education to preschool children. This Early Childhood Program helps young children to be school ready and become lifelong learners.
The preschool years, ages 3 – 5 are crucial in the lives of young children. This is the time when they gain self-control and  independence. They begin to trust others outside the family and learn to take initiative and assert themselves in socially acceptable ways . They are curious and also keen observers of the world around them. They have an instinctive desire to explore and experiment with their surroundings. Children at this stage are eager to find out what happens when they interact with other people and when they handle and manipulate objects and materials. Their language is at an absorbing and acquisitive stage when they go beyond their limited vocabulary and learn new sentence structure. This is the time when they learn to express their ideas more effectively and their environment expands  and becomes richer.  Children need developmentally appropriate experiences at this stage that help them in their overall growth.

Our teaching method

We follow the Montessori method of teaching developed by Dr. Maria Montessori which is child -centric and based on scientific observation of children from birth to adulthood. Children become independent, confident self-reliant and develop a love for learning.
Some effective components of our program:
  • Safe, friendly and comfortable environment
  • Air-conditioned classrooms
  • Well- maintained play ground with developmentally and age appropriate play equipment
  • Trained, caring and effective teachers
  • Montessori learning materials that are aesthetically arranged and available for the children  to work with
  • Multiage grouping that promotes peer learning
  • guided choice of work activity
  • Technology , an integral part of the curriculum
  • Child-centered , research based curriculum to develop social/emotional, physical, cognitive and language skills
  • Choice of working at different play stations to explore, experiment and learn through play.
Suresh Amiya Memorial Trust believes in giving children opportunities to learn and develop their talents, equipping young people for the future, and bringing families and communities together to support children’s education.
Join us in our vision! Help us to support the education of little children from the tribal areas!!