New Town - Activities

Summer Camp

A very popular activity where we have themes around which we weave fun filled activities like Art and Craft, Singing, Magic Show, Dancing, Yoga, Aerobic exercises, Non fire cookery, Story telling, Water Fun, Games and many more! Tasty snacks are also provided!!


Festivals organized through out the year keeping the secular fabric of our country are Poila Baisak, ,Janmastami, Durga Puja, Id, Christmas, Saraswati Puja, Holi


Teachers’ Day was celebrated on 5th September. An interactive programme with the children is very enjoyable. Children broing cards for their teachers and didis. They come dressed beautifully and sing and dance for their teachers. The song

‘If you love your teachers and didis blow a kiss’ & ‘My dear teachers, we love you, We want you to feel special , Yes we do’, truly warm our hearts!

A fancy Dress is organized on Childrens’ Day and children come dressed in costumes of their choice. Teachers put up a special act for their darlings.

Other celebrations include Earth Day, Peace Day, Mothers and Fathers Day, Valentines Day, Joy of giving,

Independence Day

Come August and Independence Day celebrations are held in the school. The programme commences with children being made aware of the essence of celebrating Independence Day. They are told about our national animal, bird, flower, fruit and also about some great freedom fighters. Children wearing the colours of the flag gather around the flag and sing patriotic songs and dance to songs celebrating the Indian spirit. It is pure joy to watch the children salute and say “Jai Hind”. Children are helped to understand that beneath all the colorful celebrations lies the national spirit of gaiety and pride.

Rabindra Jayanthi

The tiny tots of Mongrace Newtown with guidance and help from their teachers pay a tribute every year to Gurudev. Highlights from Gurudev’s life is narrated to the children. They love to hear about the open air school at Shantiniketan. Melodious songs by teachers sets the tone for the programme. We watch with wonder as little children recite and sing some of Tagore’s poems and songs. Dances by the little ones to some of Tagore’s songs makes the programme even more colourful!