Short Street - Activities

Pure Magic at Mongrace Montessori House
To commemorate the National Education Day and as a prelude to Children's Day, on 11th of November 2011, all students at Mongrace Montessori House took part in a drawing and handwriting competition organized by the National Students' Council. It was a pleasure seeing tiny minds set their imagination free and colour to their hearts' content.

Celebration of Children's Day at Mongrace Montessori House this year was done through the creation of a Children's haven. A magic spell was woven by the little Mongrace Magicians. The Transitional Class "Big Kids" performed the magic show for the younger ones. It became truly magical when the young entertainers performed thrilling and mind boggling tricks right under our eyes. There were gasps of wonder when the wide eyed audience was dazzled by disappearing objects and the changing of flower colours.

More happy and enjoyable memories were created when the puppet show based on Nursery Rhymes began. Children and adults alike were fascinated and enchanted by the magic of puppetry. Children loved to see the Nursery Rhymes Characters dancing and interacting with each other. They loved listening to the rhymes and tried to join in. It was a wonderful show of live action where children were captivated by the mix of sight and sound. As the rhythm built up the little audience could not stop themselves from singing and dancing. Singing along with the nursery rhymes was a great way of learning word association. Kudos dear teachers to your great creative ideas!

Across Generations at Mongrace Montessori House
Reinforcing the theme "Across Generations" Mongrace Montessori House, the legendary pre school celebrated Grand parents' Day on the 19th and 20th December 2011 It was an excellent opportunity for children to show respect and love to their grandparents. It also helped them in knowing the strength, information, and guidance that they gain in the presence of their grandparents. Art and Craft work by the children served as decoration for the display boards. Response to this day's celebration was unimaginable. Many grandparents spoke in the "Your Response Session". Their hearts were overflowing with love and gratitude. "We have heard of Parents' Day but Grandparents' Day is the first of its kind that we are attending" was the general response. Seeing their little angels dance and sing was almost too much for them to bear.

Songs like "dada dadi, nana nani, I love you" brought tears to the eyes of the grandparents. With innocent hearts, eager smiles and happy faces the tiny ones sang and danced with abandon. Teachers worked very hard to put up this show and displayed great team spirit. A very big "thank You" to all of them! Nothing much could have been possible without the unwavering support of the didis and the peons! Many well renowned personalities like the Kolkata Sheriff, Mr. Shyamal Sen, ex Chief Justice,ex Governor of W.Bengal and at present Chairman of Human Rights Commission, Dr. Prasanta Banerjee and Mr. Naresh Kumar former Captain of Indian Davis Cup Team were present to see their grandchildren perform for them. The unstinting support and tireless efforts of the Senior Teachers received acknowledgement when Mrs. Dutt and Ms. Ghosh handed them the trophy and certificate awarded to the school for being one of the most preferred preschools of Kolkata.

Rabindra Jayanti
Rabindra Jayanti was celebrated on 10th May 2013 in the school premises . The little audience witnessed the enthusiastic participation of their young friends . Popular songs were sung by the children and teachers. Tiny feet tapped and danced to melodious tunes composed by the Kabiguru.  Recitation in unison of “Amra Sobai Raja”  by little children all of four years, enthralled the young and adult alike. A rich tribute was paid to the Bard through his reminiscent verses . The assembly ended with the national anthem where the children pledged to stand by their country and protect her from all evils.  It was an informative, colourful and musical end to the session before the summer vacation.