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08 June 23

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1 year Diploma Course Admission

Dear Parents,

Mongrace Literary Fest 2021

The pandemic took away the fun inside the classrooms, the chatter, the noise, friends , books bags water bottles , the school bell ,the morning rush of adrenalin dropped. Virtual classes replaced the real joy of bouncing on school mats. Learning teaching continued. Mongrace then decided to bring back that excitement and turn reading into narrating your own story and writing into making illustrations and penning down your own thoughts , ideas and experiences. That’s how the Mongrace Literary Fest found its feet.

Children and their Metaphoric thinking

The pandemic made Time dark and dreary, still and silent .Families got caught in a struggle to avoid the throes of disease, death and chaos. However in the midst of the dismal gloom our little children bloomed like flowers, fresh vibrant waiting to unfurl the nectar in the centre. They showed us the astuteness and joyful spirit inborn in them .They were conscious of the events occurring around them but they with their indomitable spirit continued to explore and tread new paths of thought.

Creative Indulgence

Mongrace team of teachers and mentors moved forward and provided children with a platform to express and discover their creative thinking abilities. Children created books, timelines, compiled illustrations in their exuberant energetic style at home . that is how the MONGRACE LITERARY FEST 2021 came into being. Children with the help of their parents compiled and brought out an array of wonderful handcrafted books , dedicated to family members , teachers grandparents and even their pet dog(for not tearing it apart).

The books made were put on display. Children walked up a red carpet and were felicitated with the title “Young Author “, Certificates were presented at the literary fest to every young budding author . Teachers interviewed each author onstage .

Children’s Day was celebrated with a large ounce of creative indulgence!

Sanjana Vakharia


Mongrace Montessori House



Date: 13th and 14th November

Time: 9.30am to 1pm

You are cordially invited to the Literary Fest to celebrate Children’s Day’ with a spirit of creative indulgence and free metaphoric thinking.

We are now ready to dive into the enchanting world of stories written by our children.

For the fest all entries (Books, timelines compiled illustrations) must be submitted in school between 8th and 10th of November. Each entry must carry the child’s name, postcard sized photograph pasted on an empty card. The books with the young author’s name and photograph will be displayed for viewing.

Achievement Award certificates will be presented to the aspiring writers.

A wide collection of books with learning materials will also be on display for you in our garden.

Looking forward to seeing you in our school.

1 Short Street

Team Mongrace

Dear Parents

It is a matter of great honour that our school has been selected for the International Dimension School Award for the period  2020-2023.

 The Montessori method we follow in our school is based on the principle that learning is simply being awake to the world, the absorbent mind is constantly acquiring impressions. The environmental experiences shape the child’s cognitive development. According to Dr Montessori cognitive functioning is an active principle, spontaneous action on the environment being the touchstone of its development. The goal of education is personal autonomy and the emergence of modern humanistic psychology of the person. The international dimension in schools is integral to transform our institutions into temples of transformation. It is through our work together that a new consensus with a new vision can percolate our society and world.

A brief account of our IDS journey and its impact on our students learning.

Mongrace Montessori House’s International  Dimension.

The Mongrace Montessori curriculum lays emphasis on interconnectedness of humanity and nature.  Cosmic education is the belief that children should understand they are a part of a greater universe. We believe belongingness with the global community builds core values that directly creates a positive and confident aura in children. The ISA projects created an excitement to explore the natural environment. Children were encouraged to immerse themselves in real-world challenges, collaboratively address them, come up with solutions and in the process trigger concept mastery.

The journey of integrating ISA into the Montessori  curriculum was directed Aunty Sumona , she was assisted by Parto Sir  our creative head and Aunty Joyeeta.

Working on the ISA projects assisted teachers and students build a holistic perspective with experiential learning . Trees  was a topic addressed by Aunty Nilanjana, Aunty Sunita, Aunty Sushmita . Trees in our environment , their role in the Eco system, trees around the world ,was a captivating journey for both teachers and students. Children visited the Botanical gardens, trekked around our school garden, taking in sensorial impressions of the trees and leaves, when they returned to the classroom to record their observations, the scientific approach was reflected in their work. It was enchanting to watch how they identified the names of trees, the names of the shapes of the crown connecting them to Geometry.

Flowers brought untold beauty and joy to our classrooms. Flower arrangements, garland making, learning about pollination. Aunty Puja Aunty Arpita, Aunty Poorvi guided children to make scrap books with pressed and dried flowers. Fragrant flowers of beautiful colors filled the classrooms as children came in with flowers in their hands. Coming close to floral beauty helped them to spontaneously reveal their strengths, absorbing sensory stimuli.

Insects are our friends was presented beautifully by Aunty Trina, Aunty Rakhi. Children wandered in the garden observing these tiny creatures walking around the garden. With videos, pictures and worksheets names, characteristics, habits were mapped by our children. It was splendid to see them  turn into observant naturalists with  probing eyes .Children  began to understand  their place in the universe as they connected with nature learning to protect and care for small creatures

The activities designed by our teachers helped provide a context for practical application of academics. Through sensory activities with sand, water, shells and imaginative stories, discoveries were made of the continents, oceans and rivers, they were able to find the differences and identify the similarities in their physical world with Aunty Seema ,Aunty Aparna  and Aunty Baishaki.  The topic Transport was enjoyable as children connected with their real world experiences and people: the traffic policeman. Aunty Raheel kept the lessons  captivating.

The topic Fun with games was greeted with great delight as parents joined in to play cricket, football. Physical exercise swung into a new pace both on and off the field. Aunty Hameeda and Aunty Sadaf ensuring the rules of the game were followed.

But all our work changed with the pandemic.  From March remote learning took centre stage.

Parents joined  into the teaching learning pool  and we continued .

The Coronavirus   brought the world to view a health crisis as a part of a wider ecological crisis. The primary requirement for human survival is a shift towards “Green growth”. Dr. Montessori said “Children must be taught to live in harmony with the world”.

 The international dimension in school curriculum is way to change our institutions to temples of transformation, a new consensus with a new vision.

Rain and rivers

Flowers in my garden.

Oceans and Continents.

Warm Regards

Sanjana Vakharia

I Short Street