Looking forward to a brighter 2021

25 December 20

Dear Parents

We have so many reasons to be thankful this Christmas. 2020 has finally slipped by and has changed our perception of survival and learning following unprecedented periods of lockdown and quarantine. 

 We are proud of the work our children, teachers and support staff have accomplished through this pandemic. Our school results with reference to high school admissions and school readiness have been commendable.

With online classes, children have made good progress in reading, writing and mathematics. An eclectic mix of planned enrichment activities, new experiences, listening to reinforce skills, yoga, dance meditation, music with hands-on learning has kept the virtual teaching-learning environment vibrant. It is important to us that our children have an enjoyable and enriching time while learning.

 Afternoon School for underprivileged children in all our branches have successfully reached out to students and guided them remotely to pursue their learning uninterrupted. Learning materials, books stationery and Christmas gifts have been shared with them too. We believe in sharing smiles and words of cheer.

We know that some students have found the lack of daily interaction in the classroom setting very challengingTeachers too had difficulty in shifting lesson plans, content and skills progression into online learning The parent-teacher collaborative efforts and partnering in this journey has helped us achieve so much. We must continue to be proactive.

We thank you for your continued support to Mongrace.

Our priority is to keep everyone safe.

We wish this Christmas end on a cheerful note and make way for a bright NEW YEAR

 Warm Regards

Sanjana  Vakharia

Principal/ Director


 1 Short Street