Grandparents' Day & Family Day

Grandparents’ Day Celebration is held in December. The teachers and the little stars work very hard to put up a programme for grandparents. It is an interactive programme where by grandparents and grandchildren perform for one another. The objective of this interactive celebration is to not only help children bond with their grandparents but also to showcase the songs and dances they learn in school. We choose a medley of songs learnt through the year and punch it with a couple of songs specially created by the very creative Mongrace team for the grandparents. The very excited grandparents too perform for their little champions.

Family day is a celebration where the activities of the Day Care children are showcased. Families of children are invited and it gives them an opportunity to bond with the Mongrace family and also among themselves. The parents are assured that as the child was very important to both teachers and parents, by working closely, we can make a strong team