Mongrace moves on with Online classes

20 May 20

Dear Parents,

Today, teachers and students aren’t in the same room, yet we are connected. Teachers are regularly communicating and building strong relations with students in their environment. Academic work is not the only issue addressed by our teachers. Through each lesson and activity the physical, emotional and psychological development of each child is being monitored . The feedback loop is guiding the teacher to plan her next lesson .

Lessons are purposeful

Exercises of practical life which include washing of hands , cleaning , gardening , sweeping ,taking care of self and environment add the social –cultural- emotional ingredients , inspire learning through real life . Language development and Numerical study are being developed with written assignments and listening videos. Sense education and aesthetic development are parallelly being nurtured with art and craft assignments. For building a scientific aptitude STEM ideas with activities have been presented for the Summer break. Dance, music and movement instructional videos have also been incorporated in the learning frame. Virtual celebrations of Spring, Rabindra Jayanti and Mothers Day have kept our children excited and happily engaged with abundant doses of loving input from family members .

Holistic curriculum approach

What a child will grow up to be relies on the bonds and relationships he builds in his early years and the relationships he builds with the people around him and with his environment. Understanding that, we lay stress on the importance of caring and compassionate teachers who raise loving and sensitive children.

Each lesson is a developmental connection. The teacher guides and supports learning the new skill and parental engagement in school work propels the learning curve in the upward direction. The outcomes are dramatically positive . The child experiences joy and satisfaction when working on each assignment.

This pandemic has brought to us an opportunity to build stronger relations. Long after Pandemic 2020 fades ,the emotions and experiences that these moments have brought will remain . Between the age of 0 to 6 years every child is an “Absorbent mind “as described by Doctor Montessori. The sensations experienced during this time will create images that lead to memories. We want the memories to be happy and filled with positivity.

The Mongrace family is dedicated to achieve more than school readiness for students. The Montessori Method is faithfully applied here. We at Mongrace, are firm believers of this method . The method is free flowing . Whether it is in the school environment or at home, the magic of the method never slows down. Learning moves on steadily with the guidance of the Montessori teacher, scaffolding each step of the way. .

Post the summer vacation, we will be using the Google Classroom platform to continue the teaching learning process seamlessly. Details will be communicated by the last week of May.

We wish everyone a safe and healthy summer vacation.


Sanjana Vakharia

Principal / Director

1Short Street