Short Street - Activities

At Mongrace, various activities are regularly organized to provide an interesting environment where children experience, learn and progress.
Given below is a list of some of the major activities that are regularly held in Mongrace:
  • Annual Exhibition (Montessori Apparatus Display Project Work)
  • Picnic
  • Sports
  • Rabindra Jayanti
  • Summer Camp
  • Independence Day
  • Magic Show
  • Fancy Dress Show
  • Teachers Day
  • Christmas Party
Please click on the link below to view the Photo Albums and Videos of the various activities that are done in Mongrace Short Street.
Project on Rainforests
Parents and Children- partners in learning.
Discussion about Rain forests with parents. Children of Mongrace Montessori House Short St. Kolkata interacted with their parents on the topic Rainforests. Children spoke about Sunderbans, the Mangrove Forests, while their parents discussed the Amazon Rain forests. The location, flora and fauna  were spoken about and compared . A common conclusion was reached that it is important to save the Rain forests. Children raised slogans and initiated a Saving of  Rain Forests pledge to be taken by parents, teachers and themselves alike.This activity displayed collaborative learning and both teams benefit ted immensely by this lively interchange of ideas.
Parents and Children- partners in learning.
Watch the video on discussion between parents and children on the following link-
One Nation Reading Together
In collaboration with Scholastic and as an extension of Children's Day, Reading activity was organized on 29th November 2013.Reading pledge was taken by teachers, staff and children of Mongrace.Story telling, book mark, craft activity, reading , word recognition,enactment of story characters and drawing of book covers were some of the activities done by the children.They promised to go home and tell their parents also to take a reading pledge.Wall grafiti was created by children to depict an interest in reading related activities.
Children's Day 2013
Children's day was celebrated with great joy on 14th november 2013. In each environment Aunties spoke about Jawahar Lal Nehru and explained why we celebrate his birthday as Children's Day.Nursery Rhymes and  songs were sung by teachers and chilkdren. Teachers rediscovered the child in their hearts through these activities. After a class party in each class Aunties and children sat down to watch cartoons and Lion king shown through a projector.
children went home with hugs and sweets from their aunties.


"The Suresh Amiya Memorial Trust (SAMT) took over the management of Mongrace Montessori House in 1984"