Short Street - Activities

At Mongrace, various activities are regularly organized to provide an interesting environment where children experience, learn and progress.
Given below is a list of some of the major activities that are regularly held in Mongrace:
  • Annual Exhibition (Montessori Apparatus Display Project Work)
  • Picnic
  • Sports
  • Rabindra Jayanti
  • Summer Camp
  • Independence Day
  • Magic Show
  • Fancy Dress Show
  • Teachers Day
  • Christmas Party
Health and Nutrition Workshop for Children and Parents
Health and Nutrition Workshop for children and parents was conducted in school in collaboration with the Horlicks company. Children did an activity on what they wished to be after growing up and made cards for their parents. Doctors examined children, recorded their height and weight and calculated their BMI.
These cards were sent home with children. A workshop for parents was conducted by Dr. Das. She explained the importance of good and proper nutrition for children The Horlicks company presented a Weighing Machine to school.
Connecting with a school in U.K
In March 2013 Mongrace children connected with a partner school, England Jane Kin Lane School in U.K. They received a parcel from the U.K partner School. Children got together in a classroom and waited with great excitement to open the parcel sent by their international friends.
A world map was hung on the wall and children were shown the route from India to England. They learnt the name of their partner school and were excited to know that they have children of their age in a school in UK and whom they can call their E pals.
The parcel contained cards printed with different coloured fingerprints of children.

Next to each fingerprint name of the child was written.  Some cards had beautiful drawings done by the children. The parcel also contained palm crosses, Easter Activity Book, Chicks decoration, Window gel stickers...all this made children really happy.
Later a display board was made with all the material that they received.

Rabindra Jayanti
Rabindra Jayanti was celebrated on 10th May 2013 in the school premises . The little audience witnessed the enthusiastic participation of their young friends . Popular songs were sung by the children and teachers. Tiny feet tapped and danced to melodious tunes composed by the Kabiguru.  Recitation in unison of “Amra Sobai Raja”  by little children all of four years, enthralled the young and adult alike. A rich tribute was paid to the Bard through his reminiscent verses . The assembly ended with the national anthem where the children pledged to stand by their country and protect her from all evils.  It was an informative, colourful and musical end to the session before the summer vacation.


"The Suresh Amiya Memorial Trust (SAMT) took over the management of Mongrace Montessori House in 1984"