Grandparents' Day

Ø  Grandparents’ Day Celebrations held on 2nd December and had the theme ‘I love India’. The teachers and the little stars worked very hard to put up a programme for their grandparents. It was an interactive programme where by grandparents and grandchildren performed for one another. The objective of this interactive celebration  was not only to help children bond with their grandparents but also to showcase the songs and dances they learn in school. We chose a medley of songs learnt through the year and punched it with a couple of songs specially created by the very creative Mongrace team for the grandparents. We have been practising for this event for quite some time and that was reflected in the performances. Children performed like stars and they won the hearts of one and all. Children made bookmaks  for their grandparents.
Ø  The special  song ‘Grandparents you are special’ made  the grandparents emotional. With tricolor ribbons on their hands they danced to the song Desh rangeela. It was indeed an emotional moment when the parents along with the little ones chanted ‘Jai Hind’. Parents were very pleased with the performances and they expressed  their pleasure with their comments during the programme.Then came the time for the very excited grandparents to perform for their little champions and they did so through mesages and songs. The programme ended on a happy note with the children singing the Mongrace Anthem. For  photographs click on

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