New Town - Activities

Mongrace Montessori House takes special care to help and guide a child during his/her formative years.
At Mongrace, various activities are regularly organized to provide an interesting environment where children experience, learn and progress.
Given below is a list of some of the major activities that are regularly held in Mongrace:
  • Annual Exhibition (Montessori Apparatus Display Project Work)
  • Picnic
  • Sports
  •  Rabindra Jayanti
  • Summer Camp
  • Independence Day
  • Magic Show
  • Fancy Dress Show
  • Teachers Day
  • Christmas Party
Please click on these links below to view the Photo Albums and Videos of the various activities that are done in Mongrace Newtown.
Christmas Party
The Christmas Party was organised on 21st December 2012 to get the children into the festive spirit of joy and happiness. Children participated in a ‘Fancy Dress Party’. Children love to dress up and this was a wonderful opportunity to build their confidence as they walked up to the center and showed off their costumes.
Homes of Insects and Birds
Homes of Insects and Birds - July 2013 - Children enjoyed making a spider’s web and a bird’s nest.
Monsoon Magic
Monsoon Magic - Children had great fun participating in the water activity on June 28th 2013.
Multiple Intelligences
Multiple Intelligences - ‘Know your child’ – a workshop for parents to understand that children learn differently.
Children’s Day
Children’s Day  - On 14th November children were transported to a world of magic…."Abracadabra gili gili chooo" were the words echoing in the corridors. Teachers also entertained the kids with a song and skit.


"The Suresh Amiya Memorial Trust (SAMT) took over the management of Mongrace Montessori House in 1984"